Work… sort of.

Geekling has a friend over, and thus the boy factor has increased ten-fold in the house today.  The living room floor is covered wall to wall with Geotracks train pieces, and bathroom humor abounds.   Meanwhile, I’m trying to work.  At what you say?  That’s an excellent question given my ADD.  Mostly at the moment I’m supposed to be working on scheduling some Facebook posts for my business, but I’m also surfing through freelance writing jobs.  Not to mention Firefox has that delightful little habit of alerting me when something is going on in another tab.  Nothing distracts me faster than seeing (1) Pinterest, or (1) Facebook up there at the top of the window.   Why yes, I could turn them off, but then I might miss something… on the INTERNET!!

Oh well, it’s good for my homeschool planning at least.   Speaking of homeschool, there’s a Blog Hop going on that I found out about on a new blog I’m devouring (Thank you Pinterest, at least I remain entertained while I’m distracting myself from work!) I can already tell I’m going to love reading Valerie’s blog just from what she has written here,

Even though my blog is not particularly hoppable right now, I’m thinking about joining in for practice.  So tomorrow I’ll try to make sense of my “curriculum” for the coming year, thus accomplishing two things at once, blog practice AND homeschooling prep!

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