What’s Up with the Happy Home?

Howdy Happy Readers! It’s been a while since I’ve done just a plain old update on our family, so I’m going to catch you guys up on that today. It’s spring time (practically summer, really) and things are starting to get exciting. If you’re following me on Instagram (and really, shouldn’t you be? That’s where all the cute shows up!) you’ve seen some snapshots of all the great things we’ve been up to, like:

Happy Baby's First Easter! Happy Baby’s first visit from the Easter Bunny! Sometimes I still have these moments where it really sinks in that I’m lucky enough to have two amazingly awesome boys. Looking at the baskets next to each other the night before Easter was one of them.

brothers being awesome
Brothers being awesome! Geekling is such an amazing big brother! He is completely devoted to making sure Happy Baby never cries, ever, ever, never, because his baby should never have to cry even for a second.  He’s not always successful, but he’s SO cute and attentive.

2015-03-21 17.06.16

Mommy being awesome! Yep, this is my pink hair! It’s much lighter now than when this picture was taken, so time for a touch up soon!

2015-04-04 14.34.05 2015-03-31 13.27.38 2015-04-09 18.13.19

Lots of time going, being, doing, seeing…
From left to right: Out at the local arts market <3 our town in springtime!
At a park during the three days we spent at Dreamer’s house for spring break.
Out for dinner, took this selfie with Happy Baby to show how gigantic he’s gotten! 16 pounds, and he’s almost out of his 3-6 month clothes at just barely 3 months!


So that’s us lately, today we’re headed out to enjoy a local festival, then getting ready for a visit from some friends we haven’t seen since two babies (one for them, one for us) ago!

2015-03-30 22.12.31
Just one more of the brothers being awesome. And yes, I am letting Geekling show Happy Baby his Minecraft world on the tablet. But look… Brothers! Being awesome!

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