What to do about that Easter Basket?


Hello Happy Readers! It’s that time again… time for the mythical bunny to hop into your house and get all the accolades for your furtive shopping and late night set up. Thankfully, the bunny doesn’t usually take as much time or financial work as the jolly red man, but how on earth does he find enough things to stuff into those teeny tiny eggs? Now, as you may have guessed, we’re kind of in to holidays around here. Like, in a big way. I really love finding the most perfect gift ever to give somebody, and if I can, I like to do it on a budget (although, as I’ve said before, Happy Daddy and I might have different ideas about this “budget” situation). With that in mind, Easter Baskets are always a lot of fun for me. I get to collect a whole bunch of little stuff that I’ve had my eye on for a while, package it up all cute, and then surprise one of my favorite gift recipient’s with it. And this year, this year I get to surprise TWO kiddos!

2769_73144538073_1140_nThis was Geekling’s very first basket. You may notice that I don’t really get into the whole “basket” thing. The last thing I need is 36 bamboo baskets lying around my house once the kids move out, so I like to find things that work as baskets, but have other functions too. Like this baby swing. I just wrapped the rope up with ribbon to make a handle, and it was the perfect basket for 10 month old Geekling. It has the obligatory bunny in it (stuffed, not chocolate), bath toys, and a couple sesame street figurines.  That year we hid Easter Eggs filled with Cheerios for him to crawl around and find.


24328_381249368073_4245843_nThe classic “outdoor play” Easter basket is always a good go-to. He was almost two this Easter, and we included a kite, sand molds, bubble wands, a pin wheel, a slinky he’d had his eye on for a while, and of course a chocolate bunny. All this packaged in a sand bucket for the beach. Aside from the kite, nothing in this basket cost more than a dollar. (The Cadbury bunnies are for the grownups of the house.)  Eggs for this year included Captain Crunch, and M&M’s.




The Tonka truck is perhaps my very favorite of all our baskets. We included a plush toy, gardening gloves, a few packs of the sponge animal grow capsules, and of course, a chocolate bunny. Eggs included tiny animals (stretchy and non stretchy), more grow capsules, candy, and seed packets for our garden.



10262187_10152111520833074_8579451885402277795_nLast year’s basket was a lot of fun to put together. We included books and maps for trips we were planning, a travel scrapbook, a make your own post card kit (from the scrapbook section at the craft store), a mammal skull Toob, and a super fun card game.

As you can see, Easter Baskets don’t have to just be a giant haul of candy. It’s a great opportunity to gift those little things that are in the back of your mind, try out a new game, or restock bubbles or art supplies. Often in our house, Easter Baskets are filled with things I was planning to buy anyway, be it for home school, an upcoming trip, or just for fun.

Still looking for ideas for this year? How about:

  • Trying out a new card or dice game. Barnes and Nobles, JoAnn’s, Toys ‘R’ Us, and specialty hobby and game stores all have out of the ordinary games. Or, maybe it’s just time for a new deck of regular cards.
  • How about a science or grow kit?
  • Sand toys, bubbles, and other outdoor awesomeness.
  • Science supplies like pipettes, baking soda, balloons, or other fun experiment things.
  • A craft basket filled with rubber stamps, ink pads, pipe cleaners, scrapbook paper, and glitter glue.
  • Travel toys, maps, and books for an upcoming trip.
  • Books! Always!
  • Kid friendly gardening supplies.

And what about those pesky eggs? Fill them up with:

  • Game pieces from your new game
  • Puzzle pieces (a 50 piece puzzle goes a long way when you split the pieces!)
  • Sponge animal grow capsules.
  • Mini erasers
  • stickers
  • Stretchy animals
  • Lego pieces
  • Specialty beads or jewelry pieces.
  • Hair bows
  • Mardi Gras beads.
  • Cereal, puffs, or raisins
  • Candy, of course.
  • Seeds.
  • New pacifiers
  • Rainbow loom bands
  • Or create a treasure hunt, putting paper clues leading from egg, to egg, to bigger surprise at the end.

I hope you found something on here that can help. Keep an eye on Instagram Sunday afternoon to see what’s in the boy’s baskets this year! Hoppy Easter everyone!

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