Throwback Thursday Halloween Treats

Hello Friends! As you all know October (or as it’s better known around here- Halloween Season) is a very busy time, with parties, birthdays, and general crazy. In fact, our annual Halloween Party is getting so large I’m a little worried we won’t be able to have it at our house next year! So while I make preparations for that, I’d like to give you a little peek back at some treats from over the years, and share some tips on making really fun Halloween treats the Happy Home way… a.k.a. the EASY way.

We all know that I love a big wow factor, we also all know that I have a tendency to overstretch myself a wee tiny bit when it comes to events. That means my wow factor has to be something can be accomplished quickly, and in the case of last minute ideas/plan b circumstances they have to be accomplished with items I have on hand most of the time.

Tip Number One:
Cover things in chocolate (or more specifically, candy melts)! Everyone loves a chocolate treat, and candy melts are super duper easy to work with. I have several colors that I keep on hand, most of them left overs from projects. one of the reasons I love Candy Melts so much is that they are super versatile. I’ve used them to cover fruit, handmake decorations, make lollipops, and cover other yummy items. Once it hardens (which is very quickly) they can be painted on, have things glued to them with frosting, or rearranged without worrying about messing them up. As you can see these things have a super big wow factor, and really took very little time over all. I use black gel icing to put on the details, however they have food markers which make it very easy as well.

frankenbrownies pumpkinbrownies pumpkinstrawberries

Tip Number Two: Mix non edible items in for spooky effect!eyeballguac
Think about all the great Halloween decorations out there! Of course they have things that are specifically meant for food, but almost any hard surface item can be cleaned up well enough to be safe in food for a little bit. Just make sure the items are very noticeable and watch them near small children. Consider serving cotton candy with fake spiders hanging out. Put plastic eyeballs in things, or other creepy accessories.

Tip Number Three: Think CANDY!
Let’s face it, for kids (and most adults) Halloween is all about the candy! Take advantage of the wide variety of colorful and bite size candy to make your job easier.  M&M’s, candy corn, Reese cups, Hershey kisses, those disgusting sugar pumpkins that go with the candy corn… use all of them to your advantage. Use them to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies, really anything that stands still.

img_3396 img_3398 jackolantern-cake


Tip Number Four: Think color!
Halloween is full of fun, spooky colors. Try taking normal party foods and changing their colors. For instance these colored Rice Krispy treats (which were, I might add, a plan B and dipped in Candy Melts, and made with sprinkles and candy eyes I already had on hand. The punch is orange koolaid mixed with sprite, with vanilla ice cream scoop and chocolate chip eyeballs on top.


And finally, Tip Number Five:
Don’t let yourself be a slave to perfection. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you originally planned. Do things the best you can, and if you find a project is taking too long you need to sacrifice aesthetics for getting things done. Obviously the frankentreats pictured above were not my most carefully crafted treat, but the kids still loved them. The original plan was for mummydogsthese sausages to turn into mummies, but when the project began taking longer than it should I had to scrap the perfect Pinterest mummies and just shoot for the best I could do quickly.

Most of all: Just have fun! Halloween has lots of fun decorations, bright colors, and exciting themes anyway. There is no need for everything on your table to resemble something from a craft magazine. Pick a few great features, play them up, and stick with simple, fun basics.

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  1. Words to live by: cover things in chocolate.

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