Pop Star Princess Party

Hello friends!  I have lots to share with you over the coming weeks (toddler willing), but I wanted to start with one of the latest birthday party creations, Dreamer’s Pop Star Princess party. Dreamer these days is ALL about music, dance, and being the star, so what better party theme for her?  popstarworldtourIt all starts with a fun invitation, this one was done concert ticket style, of course! You’ll see that to protect Dreamer’s privacy I’ve removed her personal details, and chosen a fine leafy sea dragon, as well as a famous Florida icon to represent her.  Funnily, these pictures were taken on separate coasts, so it fits the theme.  The margins aren’t quite true on this one, when they were printed they lined up front and back, if you’d like this invite go ahead and shoot me an email through the contact form, and I’ll send you the publisher file for it. I’ll have my tech guy get on setting up a downloadable version sometime soon as well.

Then of course, the decorations!  There’s a lot out there for decorations concerning things like vinyl, cd’s cassettes, etc… but how do you decorate with MP3s?  Obviously that’s what this generation is used to dealing with so instead we went crazy with music notes, sparkles, and other awesomeness.

2016-01-09 13.41.50 This is the cupcake and cookie table. I wish I’d taken a closer picture of the music notes, because I made them using really awesome textured scrapbook paper. The silver ones had sequins, the black had a sparkly lace pattern on them, and the purple were glitter. We also went crazy with shiny silver curling ribbon.



2016-01-09 13.42.28We also hung music notes from the ceiling with the swirly ceiling decorations, and what would a party be without balloons? The pearlescent balloons looked awesome for this, again in silver, purple and black.

Activities for the party included dancing, running around in the back yard, and (quite bravely on Dreamer’s parents part) karaoke.

2016-01-09 13.42.00These ribbon dancing hoops were an awesome addition to the fun, and doubled as party favors (along withe some totally sweet slap bracelets).  They were relatively easy to make, but buyer beware, you’re going to need A LOT of ribbon!

2016-01-09 14.27.40Cupcakes were baked and iced courtesy of Publix, and all we did was add edible silver sparkles to the top.  The cupcake stand (that has been used for I believe 8 parties now) was decorated with a sparkly black ribbon. No second degree burns from the glue gun this year!

2016-01-09 14.27.36Cookies were super simple this year, music notes and stars of course! It was a totally happy accident that the cookie icing matched the cupcake icing so well, because I hadn’t even seen the cupcake icing prior to doing the cookies.  Silver sparkle added to the stars, of course.


2016-01-09 13.41.24All the goodies for the party spread, and one final shot of the dining room set up.



2016-01-09 13.41.36

Overall, all the kids had a really great time. The karaoke was a huge hit, but I’ll be honest, not something I’d have around the house frequently! Look for a post next week on Happy Baby’s super cute (and low-key!) Winnie the Pooh first birthday!


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