Our Elf Shenanigans

Hello Happy Readers!  We love our Elf on the Shelf here at the Happy Home, in fact, it’s one of our very favorite traditions during Christmas time now.  While I totally get the reasons that it is not the favorite for some people, I have a lot of fun setting our elves up and finding new mischief for them to create. I wasn’t always this way, in fact when I first read the Elf on the Shelf story I was put off by the idea. Santa at our house doesn’t need a nark, and we’re against the idea in general of kids “being good for Santa”.  In our family we’re “good” (we use different words, like kind, generous, or respectful) because it’s the right thing to do, not for presents, treats, or a once a year visit from the big guy.

So why the elves? Geekling speculates that they’re here to learn about kids and how to do elf things before going to work for Santa. And make messes… of course.  I love, love, LOVE finding new ideas on Pinterest and in blogs (I write them down all year long and then make a calendar full of them so I always know what to do) so I wanted to share some our favorites with you today.  You’ll have to excuse a few of the pictures, my phone camera wasn’t very good last year, and the only way I could sneakily get pictures without attracting too much attention from the Geekling was using my phone.


I found these PJ’s at WalMart, and since Rudolph (the red elf’s name last year) is so very proud of himself, he had to bring them to Geekling.  If you’re looking for a way to introduce some fun new Christmas pjs, I recommend “pinning it” on the elf!

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These two were quick and easy using things we already had on hand (yes, I still had a package of peeps hanging around… don’t judge…).  I loved the rowboat ideas I saw on Pinterest, but wasn’t willing to sacrifice a sink for an entire day. The next best thing was covering the table with tinfoil and making that their very own lake. Also, the Geekling has more stickers than should be allowed, ever, so that was a very easy “mess” to make.


We left early for Orlando to go to Mickey’s Christmas Party, and the elves were thoughtful enough to wrap our breakfast up to go. A box of donuts, and individual applesauce cups.

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And when we came back we found that they’d toilet papered the house and thrown a wild elf party.

1455118_10151852860338074_1429321991_n bumblefightday2

The elves have a bit of a grudge match going on with the Bumble, as you can clearly see. I wonder what they’ll get up to this year?


Fun facts… dogs like to eat marshmallow trains. We had just gone to bed when we heard Jingle Ninja hit the floor and came out to find marshmallow and toothpick carnage along with a very guilty looking dog. It had to be rebuilt, and the dog locked out of the living room for the night.

Snowmanfridge snowflakecarnage

I think the elves were starting to get homesick. First a “chill out” day in the snowman fridge, and then a snowflake avalanche.  We had fun learning how to make our own paper snowflakes the next day though.


Definitely homesick.  They turned our living room into an impressive ski lodge, complete with snow covered windows, a sled/ski hill, and a roaring fire (courtesy of Netflix).


We like to celebrate Yule, the first official day of winter, with a special breakfast. This year we had red pancakes courtesy of our elves, topped with sprinkles of course.  (you can also see a peek of the cabinets they made over with wrapping paper).


Silly elf school… every thing you need to know to be an elf!

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On Christmas eve we like to have a special relaxed movie day. This year our elves brought us some treats to help with that, and their very own movie chairs.  They also like to create a special barricade to keep Geekling from peeking at his gifts from Santa on Christmas morning before mommy and daddy are there to see.

Fun tip, if there’s a chance your elves will need to be moved, put them in something that can be picked up without touching them.  Although Geekling and I agreed that Santa probably wouldn’t actually take an elf’s magic because he/she got touched by a kid, we worry that perhaps elves could be hurt if not treated gently enough, so better not to touch!

Those are some of our favorite shenanigans from last year.  This year Geekling has thoughtfully asked his elves to not make too much of a mess because mommy is going to be close to having a baby and it’s harder for her to clean things up.  He was also nice enough to ask Santa if he would bring the lego set he’s asked for prebuilt because “sometimes legos make his mommy cry when she has the hormones” so this will be an interesting Christmas, lol.

I hope you found some fun things for your elves to do this year, I know I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for fun, low key mischief for our elves to make!


  1. Such cute fun ideas! We love our elf, Willy! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. ~Blessings~

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