Introducing: King Max (formerly known as Happy Baby)

Well folks, it’s finally happened. The little one turned two, and can no longer in any way be considered a baby (except, during certain moods in which he often insist you refer to him as “The Baby” and not by anything else, including his actual name).  As is our custom we celebrated his birthday in many ways throughout the month of January. This included donut breakfasts, dinner at Gigi and Poppy’s house, an appropriately sized dump truck birthday party, and finally choosing his official blog name. And so, without further ado I would like to introduce you to the toddler now dubbed….. King Max!

Some things you should know about King Max:

There is always something brewing in that little head of his. Always. Sometimes it means trouble, sometimes it means hilarity, but there is always something there.


His greatest enemy is still sleep. 






He is a lover off all things wearable.Hats, pants, jammies, necklaces, if it can be worn, he will find a way to wear it.




Books are always the best, unless you can “watch teebee shows”, then watching teebee shows is the best. But there is almost nothing better than trains. Unless it’s dump trucks. Or cake. OR dump trucks ON cake.



Going on adventures is always awesome, especially if it involves popcorn.


And no matter what, the very best thing in the entire world is big brother.





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