How To Get Your Elf On

Aloha Friends! As Thanksgiving looms on the near horizon, there is another something that may already be occupying your time… Holiday Planning. Dun dun dun. As I’m sure you’ve realized, the holidays are A. Very. Big. Thing. around the Happy Home. And December is a particularly fun time, made more so by our Elf traditions. You can’t log onto Pinterest these days without falling over at least 5 or 6 Elf related pins, all of varying levels of creativity, mess, and in some circumstances, maturity. However, what I’ve always found the most important is how much Geekling is enjoying our Elves (yes, we have two!). I’m going to share some tips with you today that I help will make your own Elf shenanigans as much fun as ours.

  1. First and foremost, consider your own mess tolerance before starting on this journey. Some families can tolerate more mess than others. We’ve always discussed with Geekling that the Elves are guests, and as good guests they follow the rules of the house. Bestie’s elf Evie doesn’t make messes, she hops around from shelf to shelf in an appropriate elf like fashion. When I was pregnant with Happy Baby Geekling asked ours to go easy on me, and this year they will have to take care not to fall into toddler hands. All these things will vary from house to house, and ideas can be found for any house.  snowflakecarnage
  2. Consider your family interests. Our Elves dabble and play in most of Geekling’s interests, from Minecraft to Lego. In fact, for a few nights Fred and George made themselves at home in Geekling’s Minecraft world. This year they’ll get to expand to include some of Happy Baby’s interests, like trains, hats, and trouble. 2015-12-14-10-35-55choochoo
  3. Consider your plans for the day. Sometimes our elves like to bring activities for us to do, or just help themselves to our supplies and start the activities on their own. For instance paper snowflake making, gingerbread house decorating, or just having a quiet movie day. Every year our elves bring us snacks the night before Christmas Eve, to help with our tradition of staying in and watching movies during “the day before the night before Christmas”.

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4. Consider giving them a big project! For instance, we wanted a way for the elves to be safe from little toddler hands, so they created their own hide out. They spent several nights making additions to it, and even held a party for their friends inside.

2015-12-06-12-06-14 2015-12-08-10-57-52

5. Let them deliver something, like pajamas, small toys, or as mentioned above, a special treat. Last year our elves practiced the important skill of “filling stockings”, however given their use of an old boot, they may have some work to do…

2015-12-16-08-55-26 1426365_10151849204018074_1528964247_n

6. Above all, plan, plan, plan. There is nothing worse than getting started on this crazy elf tradition, and then spending the entire month of December wracked with guilt because Chippy forgot to move, or frustrated and burnt out because Chippy just won’t come up with his own ideas. Use Pinterest or Google, come up with a mixture of both fast ideas and more elaborate ones, and make a plan at least a few days in advance. And keep a couple of VERY last minute easy ones in your back pocket, for those nights that you can’t take it anymore. Because they’ll come.

2015-12-08-10-57-01 2015-12-21-09-20-36 photogrid_1418671742262

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This year I’ll be posting Elf pics on my Instagram if you’re inclined to see them there, and I’ll do my best to keep them updated on my Facebook Page as well.

I look forward to hearing about everyone’s super fun Elf stories this year!

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