First Steps

Starting something is always hard.  So far in my social media life cycle I’ve been an active part of MSN groups (and chat rooms!), Livejournal, saw the rise and fall of Myspace, and I’m on Facebook daily.  I figured out Pinterest pretty quickly… I mean the genius of that is AMAZING, but that’s just button pressing and saving other people’s good ideas.

This Blog business is a whole new kettle of fish.  I know I have fun stories to share, I know I have good information, and I’m not a half bad writer, but where do I start?  I guess the easiest thing is to do what writing teachers all over the world suggest- just write.   So here I go, eventual readers (and hopefully followers), the first steps in my blog.  I’ll begin with us in a nutshell.

Who am I? I’m Happy Mommy, or at least that’s my goal.  It hasn’t been easy lately, but it’s what I strive for.  I have an amazing husband, and a beautiful, happy five year old Geekling.  We live in a cute little house we bought last year, with our cat, dog, and fish, and we’re working to make the house into a home.   We’re a do it yourself kind of family, with lots of household projects, crafting, cooking, baking, and soon home schooling going on.  We love traveling, going on adventures, music, and games.

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