Elf Shenanigans: 2014, Week Two

Elf picture

Hello Happy Readers! It has been an exciting and holiday fun filled couple of weeks here at the Happy Home, and not just for the humans! Our Elves have been busy, busy, making mischief, and just generally making life interesting. Because it’s been so very busy the Elves have focused on quick, easy things that don’t add (too much at least!) to the chaos.

This week they’ve:


Brought us M&M’s for our baking, along with a fun Minecraft Christmas message.


Delivered some slightly narcissistic additions for our gingerbread house


Helped themselves to some wrapping supplies


Gave us an interesting idea on how to tell which stocking belongs to which person (I especially like the diaper on the baby’s stocking)…


Spent some time with the legos


Sent us on a super sweet scavenger hunt (It took all day, but all candy canes are accounted for).


And got into a bit of a sticky situation with a giant spider. Luckily Bumble is there to lend a hand… er, paw… er… fly swatter?

Stay tuned to see what kind of mischief Hermy and Jingle get into this week!

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