Elf Shenanigans 2014: Week 3

Elf picture

Hello Happy Readers! Back again with more Elf Shenanigans as we wrap up the last few days before the holiday! I’m so grateful that our Elves have taken it slightly easier on the messes this year, and that for the most part I haven’t had to stay up too late constructing things. As we get closer to the baby’s due date as well as Christmas, I’ve just been finding all sorts of last minute things that need to be taken care of, and I’m definitely running out of last minutes to do them in!


One Christmas tree in the dining area wasn’t enough for Jingle and Hermy, they had to construct their own over the dining room table. In case you’re wondering, this was super simple! I just cut streamers long enough to hang from the ceiling to the table with a little extra room for draping, then Happy Daddy pinned them up for me.


Mommy was busy constructing a present from a certain Jolly Old Elf, so we went with an easy one, Elves looking at photo albums.


Hide and seek was next on the agenda. Hermy was found rather quickly, but Jingle managed to stay hidden under his styrofoam cup for most of the day.


The Elves spent so many hours watching Geekling enjoy his Geotrax that they simply had to have a turn! Of course they invited all their other Christmas friends to join the fun as well.


Movie supply delivery! Traditionally Christmas Eve is a day of movies, cookie decorating, reading books, and otherwise relaxing. The Elves like to help us along and bring us a bucket of horribly bad for you popcorn, plus some movie theater candy. This year they not only brought the supplies early so we can keep with our goal of taking the next few days easy, but also decided to throw some breakfast into the mix too.


Since we made the choice to keep just one Christmas tree, the Elves decided it needed more decorating!


And finally today’s shenanigans: After watching Geekling try to build a zipline (and tangling endless furniture, vacuum cleaners, and other items up in it), Jingle and Hermy decided to help him out by making one for him.

That’s all for now Happy Readers! I’ll have just a few more for you next week, and then thankfully it’s time for the Elves to head back to the North Pole for the year. Later this week I’ll talk about what wee have packed in our hospital bag for the big day! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and that your holidays are indeed Merry and Bright!!

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