Elf Shenanigans 2014 Edition: Week One

Elf picture

Hello Happy Readers!  I’m excited to share with you guys some of the shenanigans our Elves have been participating in so far this year. As you’ll see we’ve kept the mess to a minimum, and I’ve tried to keep them relatively well behaved. Hope your Elves find some fun ideas from this as well!


Day One: Arrival
The Elves were discovered the morning of December 1st on the front porch, sporting teeny tiny parachutes made from sandwich baggies and yarn.


Day Two: Breakfast Delivery
The elves brought their annual breakfast of donuts, this year with bonus candy. Gotta love Christmas time treats.


Day Three: Retro Game party.
The Elves spent some time playing the original Mario Brothers, and decided to build their own version. This was initially mistaken for the Great Wall of China until Geekling turned the tv on and discovered the pause screen.


Day Four: Pajama Delivery
This year it was Jingle’s turn to deliver pj’s that look like him. The decided a life size Elf would make the perfect delivery system.

Day Five: Do Not Open Until Christmas
Or a thousand balloons be upon your head. Or maybe just 15 or so. Too bad we couldn’t go without our pantry for the next almost 3 weeks.

Day Six: And so it begins
The annual battle between Bumble and Elves- this year the elves fired the first shots with an ingenious Bumble Trap.

Day Seven: King Bumble Reigns Supreme
The elves have found themselves in a rather tight spot…

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