Being “That Mom”

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Dear Internet,

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m “that mom”. You know the one. I’m the mom it’s fun to hate. I’m the Pinterest mom, the elaborate birthday theme party mom, the keeper of homemade costumes and cookies. I’m the mom you keep accusing of making the other moms feel bad.

Apparently in the dead of night my elves are sneaking off of their carefully planned and crafted shelves to dance around the less mischief inclined moms singing “nanny nanny, boo boo”, and my (often ill-advised) paper mache projects are causing the non-crafty moms to develop some kind of Pinterest inferiority complex. Here’s the thing though, Internet- I don’t own those other mom’s feelings. I can’t help how my project choices make them feel, or what statements they somehow think I’m trying to make with the teeny tiny snapshot I share of my life.

I do own my feelings though, and frankly Internet, they’re hurt. I thought we were friends here, and yet every major holiday I find another slew of blogs and articles about how I’m ruining mom-ing for everyone else. Oh sure, it’s thinly veiled in humor, or maybe it’s “for the good of the children”- but it’s still judgmental, hurtful, and sometimes downright mean-spirited. I have yet to spew out a diatribe about bounce house birthdays, or store-bought cupcakes. I’m not posting scathing epistles about how your color coordinated Pottery Barn bedding makes my Target quilt feel inadequate, so why is it ok when it’s the other way around?

I’m not claiming to be the perfect mom.  I’m not saying my way is better. And I would never, EVER, in a thousand-million years claim to love my kids any more than you love your amazing, precious, little ones. But this – this crafting, cooking, crazy-mess-making is how I love my family. It’s no more or less valid than the ways you love yours.

So how about this, Internet – you go do you, and I’ll just be over here helping my six-year-old make some sort of goo that will probably never, ever come off my hand-me-down dining room table. Ok? And please try to remember, what you see here online is such a small portion of our day-to-day life that it’s all I can do to try to make sure I show the good and the bad. But you just keep doing you, and I’ll keep doing me, and let’s all be happy, because we’re enough, just the way we are. But if you can’t manage that, all I can say is oh well, haters gonna hate.

Love you anyway – The Happy Home Mommy

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