Introducing… me!

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Howdy Happy Readers! Are you in need of support, commiseration, advice, adult beverages*, and the occasional comedic relief? Well then you have come to the right place! Here in the Happy Home we have all of the above, and then some.  Together we’ll make our way through the perils of home school choices, party planning, cooking, crafting, and general all around family life. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll completely screw up no-fail recipes, and then we’ll eat them anyway because they have chocolate in them.

Now you might be asking yourself, what makes this crazy person qualified to tell me about all these things? Well, I’m sure when you’re done reading my list of all the things that make me a perfect parent you’ll agree that I’m in no way, shape, or form qualified to actually give advice on most things. However, that’s probably not going to stop me, mostly because I like to hear myself talk.

Who am I really though? I’m just a typical mom. Happy Daddy and I have been  together for 13 years, and we have two sons- Geekling (6 years old) and Happy Baby (a baby). We homeschool the Geekling, and in between crafting costumes, planning parties, doing as much traveling as possible, and reading whatever I can get my hands on, I cook, I clean, and I lather, rinse, repeat. I face all the same problems every other mom does, and I just try to get through them the best I can.

So come on in to The Happy Home, grab yourself a drink, make yourself at home, and enjoy the ride!

*Sorry, this blog is strictly BYOB, partially because I’m too short to reach where we keep the hooch.

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