2015 In Review

Aloha Friends! Well, we officially wrapped up 2015 a couple of weeks ago, and boy what a busy year it was for the Happy Home!  We did a lot of amazing things over the past year.

KbirthFirst, and most notably, we finally met our new little guy. He brought a lot of changes to our little house, most of them wonderful, but some not so wonderful.  We’re still dealing with the hormonal fall out, and I expect as we begin the weaning process in the coming months, we’ll see a little surge of issues, but fingers crossed that can get through it smoothly!





We spent lots of time reading books, having movie nights, and playing games. BooksgamesmoviesWe took on challenges, big and small.  Such as the summer reading challenge at our local library,making a mural sized playscape for our toy animals, or just doing yoga with a clingy baby. challenges

We spent time as wizards, pirates, Jedi knights, and the king of thieves. Sometimes for big adventures, and sometimes for a trip to the grocery store.

wewere Adventures

We celebrated the small things, like beach days and ice cream, and the big ones, like holidays, birthdays, and milestones.

icecream holidays

We were brothers.


We were family.


Happy 2016 friends, I hope you’re off to as wonderful of a start as we are.  Look for more posts soon, things have definitely turned the corner for me, and I hope to be back in the full swing of things in the next couple of weeks.

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