Here we go again

Oh my friends… my wonderful, patient friends. The adventures we have had while I’ve been gone.  I’ve been taking some much needed mental health time, and focusing on what makes this little blog go ’round… being a Happy Home Mommy. We have done so much since I last wrote, much of it geared around finding our new schedule, household, and homeschool groove.  Geekling is doing great things, and always busy, always learning. Lately our focus has been on History, and we’re working our way through the Ancients.  He continues to be most enthralled by natural science, and after finishing up a unit on desert animals, we made a big jump to deep ocean.



Happy Baby, who is quickly outgrowing his name by the way, continues to be busy, busy, busy. He successfully completed his swimming lessons, something we were extremely grateful for yesterday when he took an unexpected swim. He’s also successfully mastered climbing, scavenging in the refrigerator, and putting his own boots on. He’s slept through the night 8 nights now (out of the last 21 months, and not all in a row).


And so then we get to the parents, definitely the most boring of the bunch. Happy Daddy continues to work as a Realtor, and in between as a jack of all trades. I’m really starting to come back into my own, and have come a long way since we last talked. Dealing with PPA and OCD required me to really be brutally honest with myself about how much I could handle, and what activities and events were good choices for myself and our family in general. So we’re being intentional about how we choose to spend our time, and I’m being honest about when we just need time off.


Riding one of our favorite Disney rides, the Hunny Pots!

2016-09-19-13-49-32   2016-09-17-12-17-34


So for now my friends, I’ll end this here. Expect to see more soon, because we have a lot to share, and you all know how much I love this season!


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